Paint-less Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal is a process that reforms metal back to its original condition without affecting the paint finish.

If you’ve ever experienced dents from stray golf balls, runaway shopping carts, door dings of any nature, and even hail damage – there are culprits lurking every time you park your car – we can help! Our exclusive process is quick, convenient and costs a fraction of what traditional auto body shops charge for dent removal.

Almost all non-collision dents can be repaired.The technology of paintless dent repair has advanced so rapidly in recent years that many dents and dings, even ones the size of a football, can be repaired without leaving a trace. The key to a perfect repair is ensuring that all of the work is performed by a skilled technician. Dents caused by car doors and hail stones are permanently removed without any signs of a repair. Larger dents, once repaired, can only be detected by a trained eye. Ask one of our many satisfied customers and they’ll tell you – the only regret they have is not using our services sooner!

Paintless dent removal (PDR) has been used in the automotive industry by car dealers, rental agencies for over a decade. Yet many consumers are just finding out now that dent removal is also available to them directly as a retail service.

The improved quality of metal and resilient paint used in modern car manufacturing has opened the way for paintless dent removal to become an appealing alternative to traditional body repair techniques.